What Should I Marinate My Venison With Before Smoking In Y Electric Smoker?

A basic mopping sauce of brown sugar dissolved into cider vinegar will add sweetness to the smoke, while the cider vinegar tenderizes the meat and keeps it moist. Baste the venison once an hour, using the time to turn the meat over.

How do you prepare deer meat for smoking?


  1. First of all, Prepare the Meat. Before brining the meat, trim off as much connective tissue and fat as you can.
  2. Brine the Venison Meat. The next step is to create the brine for your meat.
  3. Soak the Woodchips.
  4. Remove the Deer Meat.
  5. Prepare Your Smoker.
  6. Smoke the Meat.

How do you marinate meat before smoking?

For chicken and poultry, you will want to soak it in a marinade or brine for a full day or so before smoking. This will ensure that you get the meat thoroughly infused before you toss it in the smoker. For beef and pork, a dry or wet rub will do nicely.

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Should you brine venison before smoking?

#2- Dry Brine Before Smoking Venison Because venison has very little intramuscular fat throughout the meat, one of the most important things when smoking it is keeping the meat tender. A critical part of this is dry brining the meat before you start cooking it.

What temperature do you smoke venison in an electric smoker?

Set and preheat your smoker to about 225 F degrees. Smoke the tenderloin for 1+1/2-2 hours, depending on the thickness of your meat. The internal temperature should be at 130 F for rare, and 140 F for medium rare. Don’t cook it to medium, you want it nice and juicy!

What temperature should I smoke venison?

Smoke the meat slow and low – I prefer somewhere between 175F and 200F – with an internal probe thermometer stuck in the thickest part of the venison. Do not let the probe hit bone. Smoke for between 2 and 5 hours, or until it hits an internal temperature of no lower than 120F and no higher than 140F.

Should you brine deer meat?

The main reason for brining deer meat is to prevent that undesirable “gamey” flavor. Another important reason to brine venison is because it is a lean meat, which makes it more challenging to retain its natural juices during the cooking process. Now that your meat is prepped, you can concoct your venison brine!

How long should you marinate meat before smoking?

The Importance of Brining For optimal moisture retention, soak your meat in a brine for 10-12 hours before smoking. In its most basic form, brine is nothing more than salty water; however, it benefits from the addition of herbs and spices.

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How do you make smoked meat tender?

6 Tips to Make Your Smoked Meat More Tender

  1. #1) Choose a Fatty Cut of Meat. Certain cuts of meat are more tender than others.
  2. #2) Marinate Before Smoking. Marinating your meat can also make it more tender.
  3. #3) Keep the Heat Low.
  4. #4) Don’t Cut Into It.
  5. #5) Use High-Quality Smoking Chunks.
  6. #6) Keep Your Smoker Closed.

What meat should I smoke first?

The best meats to smoke as a beginner

  • Boston Butt (Pulled Pork) If you’re new to meat smoking, this is what we recommend starting with first.
  • Whole Chicken.
  • Beef Brisket.
  • Pork Ribs.
  • Lamb Shank.
  • Beef Cheeks.
  • Tomahawk Steak.
  • We’re all about low and slow.

What temperature do you smoke a backstrap?

You don’t have to let your backstrap come up to room temperature before cooking, but if you do, make sure to reduce your cooking time. Set your smoker (or oven) temperature to 225 degrees. Whether you use a smoker or an oven, the secret to tender meat is to cook at a low temperature for a long time (90+ minutes here).

How long do you smoke deer meat for?

Generally, smoke venison for two hours at 225 degrees. However, the exact length of time will vary depending on how thick the venison loin is and your desired level of doneness. If you like your venison to still be red, such as in my photos, aim for a cooking temp of 135. For medium, pull the venison at 145 degrees.

Can you smoke frozen deer meat?

The absolute no no though is to smoke frozen meat. Put simply, this is a health hazard always make sure that your meat is fully defrosted before any type of cooking and preferably your meat should be at room temperature.

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How long does it take to smoke a deer backstrap?

Smoke the backstraps with smoke for no more than 45 minutes, allowing them to cook for 1 to 1 ½ hours. It is important to use a thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature as it climbs. Check the temperature of the smoker also, check every 30 minutes or so to keep the temperature between 250 and 300 degrees F.

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